What Is Putlocker and What Does It Have to Do with Online Streaming?

Put Locker is a website and service serving as an index of hosted files. It allows streaming of various copyrighted entertainment media such as television series, films, specials, TV movies, cartoons, anime, and much more. Back in May 2016, the site was blocked in the United Kingdom under High Court order. At the apex of this block, the site was temporarily closed in 2016. That’s what putlockers movie 2016 is all about. It’s like Mega Upload by Kim Dotcom. Put Locker, according to the Alexa ranking website, is among the Top 250 most-visited sites on the web for the entire world, and not just the United States, Europe, or other western countries. Put Locker, like Pirate Bay before it, is listed by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) as a piracy threat of major proportions.

The Appeal of Put Locker Is Easy to Understand

1. According to Rob Enderle, a technology analyst, the future is clearly all about streaming. Disk-based rental and the buying of whole shelves of DVD collections are going the way of the dinosaurs. They’re all becoming obsolete compared to the virtual-based service of a streaming website. With streaming, you can watch your fave movies on a tablet or notebook PC with ease.

2. You can stream your movies by phone too but I would advise against it. I usually do phone streaming with my smartphone and earphones for low-res YouTube videos. When it comes to streaming my favorite shows like Stranger Things, I rather get a hi-res rip of it that I can watch with all the details intact on my laptop. However, some people are perfectly fine with video streaming on your phone.

3. Streaming also saves you time. Instead of trekking towards the nearest video store like it’s the 1980s, you can access everything you want on Netflix or Hulu. They have whole libraries of films and/or seasons of series that you won’t have to buy huge DVD box sets for. Just pay a subscription fee and watch all that content on demand. Or watch it for free on Put Locker.


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