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Got 82 survey entries so far, I hope the rate I’m getting them keeps up. If you’ve already filled it out, but have fixer friends in your guild, please let them know about it and ask them to fill it out as well. As for the database, its been awhile since I’ve played with Accesss, so Im still configuring the database before I can actually set it up.

So lets see, I promised I would talk about some of the things that are in development, so here goes;

First off, Yyerinfar is working on a really cool article regarding the history of the Fixer. I’m getting our questions cleared by Funcom at the moment, but it should be really cool.

Then Zura is working on a weapons guide that should be up soon. Hope to have this paired with weapon testing data as well.

And Stromm is working on a piece about PvP. This should be really interesting, since our role in PvP has definitely changed in Notum Wars, especially with the introduction of the Anti-GA Nuke.

Thats just the stuff that other people are working on at the moment. Right now I am mainly working on the Fixer Database (results from the survey), but also doing a ton of other guides as well. You know when you spread your time so thin between multiple projects that little progress is made on any of them?

Yeah, I have that problem too.

I’ve created a fixer survey, which can be filled out at a link provided below. This will allow your Fixer Professionals to better serve the community, so please take the time to fill it out and let other people know about it as well. The results will be entered into a database using microsoft access, and the database file will be available for download if anyone wants to see the data themselves.

The survey can be found here:

This is just one part of the “Fixer Professionals” section of the site that is currently in development. More will be posted on this as more information becomes available.

In regard to other projects, a ton is going on right now. I’ll post about this when I wake up though, I’m about to collapse.


Uploaded the second half of the Fixer Grid Quest guide, which should now be completed unless I overlooked anything.

Was actually expecting to get more finished tonight, but finishing this guide took a bit longer than expected, mainly because I wanted some pictures to clarify a few things. I’ll be staying up awhile longer, and hopefully can finish the Kiting guide before I nod off.